VOSAIO specializes in Europe with offices across the continent and has affiliates around the world.

VOSAIO has many years of experience in the B2B travel business. It has seen significant sales growth over recent years. VOSAIO’s corporate expertise and buying power means they work with the very best local suppliers at the best prices to ensure high quality and value-for-money.

VOSAIO staff have unrivalled local destination knowledge, right across Europe and beyond, to create hand-crafted itineraries and programmes together with a 24-hour tour support team.

VOSAIO works directly with a long-established, extensive network of trusted suppliers across Europe. Cutting out the intermediaries means prices are kept low and VOSAIO is in direct control of quality.

VOSAIO’s people are drawn from a diverse range of regions and cultures. They are the company’s greatest asset and they bring their local knowledge, experience and professionalism to every brief, no matter how straightforward or complex. They attend to every detail and offer support to tours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.